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You design, we create. Let us bring your wonderful ideas to life. Our team accepts requests for single or bulk orders of custom design patches.
Custom Made Patches
Custom Patch Company
Custom Patch Company

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Send to Your Vision

Send Us Your Vision

We respect your creativity. Just tell us your ideas and get custom patches from our team of professionals.
Custom Patches for Clothing
Design Life

We Help Bring It To Life

Once we get your design, our fantastic patch makers will bring it to life in no time. We can deal with everything, be it keychains, pins, or patches for clothes.

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Patches At Your Doorstep

Patches At Your Doorstep

We offer fast delivery; you can order patches and receive them in around two weeks.
Personalized Patches

Custom Patches Options

We have years of experience creating unique patches for various uses. We have a diverse range of the most desirable iron-on and sew-on patch designs. Also, we have extensive experience making embroidered patches for multiple groups and organizations, teams, and events.

Indeed, timeless pieces never go out of fashion and stay trending. These patches represent the pinnacle of classic and contemporary design. It is perfect for getting carried away with all the colors and tinting combinations.
A chenille patch is a plush and stylish addition to any outfit. Famous for their fluffy feel and colorful look, chenille patches are a staple of every fashionista’s wardrobe. This elegant patch features a 3D design and vibrant colors.
A fabric on the back of woven patches gives them a much more polished and professional look. They look great when you want to give the impression of high resolution and show finer details. Thus, woven patches never disappoint.
Patches that have been sublimated are known as photo-realized patches. The surface of these patches has a glossy, spotless, and quite vigilant polish, making any picture seem perfect when sewn into one of these fashionable patches.


The design on top of the patch is sharp, elegant, and vibrantly colored, while the PVC works as a credible patch thanks to its three-dimensional rubber look. This serves as the perfect background for the patches, especially PVC patches.
Applique Patches are a sophisticated kind of patch that include many pieces of high-quality cloth. These contemporary trendy patches are a contrast study: each patch has a unique combination of colors, patterns, and fabrics.
The sequin patches give off a dazzling and trendy look. These brightly colored, dazzling, and three-dimensional patches will add some latest fashions to whatever you’re wearing. Due to these on-trend patches, the colors stand out and shine.
The elegance is truly felt in the finely stitched leather patches. These are the places where you can find the ultimate sophistication and flair. Custom patches like this may instantly upgrade the look of any garment or accessory.

Gallery Styles Patches

We design patches in a wide variety, along with a few other fashionable and customizable items. Such things consist of:

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Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

All shipping and handling charges are included in our pricing. There won't be any extra fees once the order has been delivered.

Patch Makers

Free Photographed Samples

We recognize your requirements. Thanks to our free photographic samples, you may view your patch before purchasing it.

Start to End Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

Our team is made up of highly qualified experts that are available around the clock to assist you at every moment.

Quality Gauranteed

High-Quality Assurance

You can rest assured that you will get the highest quality thanks to our free picture samples and unconditional money-back promise.

Fast Delivery

As an organization that has been around for over a decade, we have the expertise to provide high-quality patches in only two weeks.

Easy Refund Policy

We are so confident in our service that we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer an easy refund policy.

Order Process

Order Patches

Order Placement

Quick, Effortless, Convenient

Fill out our online quote form or send us a message with your request’s specifics. We’ll work on it as soon as it’s reached our database.

Custom Made Patches

Sample Approval

Perfection is everything!

We make a sample patch before making the whole order so you can see what it will look like. You may request any number of changes once you’ve seen a photo of this example.


Ready to go!

Production of the remaining patches will start as soon as you provide the go-ahead on the sample. Ask for a fast order if you’re in a pinch and need your patches quickly.

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Fast and On-Time

To ensure that your patches are of the most incredible quality, we conduct a thorough quality control check when manufacturing is complete. As soon as we receive payment, we will pack the patches and send them to you.

What We Need


From JPEGs to PSDs, you may send us anything you have. We can adapt to any form of design, whether a drawing, picture, or image.

Get Custom Patches Made

Just mention whether you’re using inches, centimeters, or millimeters, and we’ll be happy to accommodate. Communicate with us if you have no idea what size you want!

Patch Type

To ensure understanding, please be sure to indicate the kind of patch you want.


Make sure to tell us of any specific instructions or other data you may have. It’s all helpful to us.

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Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our offerings.

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Quality Punch, Inc., the firm specializing in digitizing, now offers Quality Patches. Decades of award-winning digitizing skills and cutting-edge patch production machinery have culminated in Quality Patches. As always, you’ll get our undivided attention from the moment you contact us until we’ve resolved any issues you may have.

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